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As an undeniable force and talent in the realms of vocal ability or songwriting. Michaella has gained well-deserved attention and momentum within her music career. The Chicago-based recording/performing artist and songwriter immersed herself in the music industry by developing her sound and writing style from the influences of her music roots and the fresh experiences she has gained from creating songs with people from all over the world.

Michaella has proven to be one of the most versatile storytellers with a powerful and sonic voice to match. She depicts her experiences with life, love, and everything in between through her multitude of sounds that can range anywhere from Pop and R&B, to Hip-Hop and EDM, or even Afrobeat and Ballads; showcasing her unique ability to cross over from genre to genre and allowing for an array of songs that can suit any occasion or cater to any emotion.

It’s inevitable to feel a surge of energy when you hear that powerhouse of a voice or pay attention to the articulation of her stories as she establishes her connections and credibility through song. Locally and internationally recognized for pushing limits and never being confined to what is “comfortable”, Michaella is contagious and captivating amongst the crowds.

Fool 4 U (Prod by Geeks - Keynan/Gilde)MICHAELLA
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