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Who We Are

Founded by Gilde Flores, a 26+ year seasoned vet in the audio/visual media industry. Paint the Noise stands at the crossroads of passion, talent, and innovation. Gilde's story is one of determination and self-reliance, a journey from the very roots of musical exploration to collaborating with his own influencers and industry heavyweights like Timothy "Timbaland" Mosley and being a part of projects under Hans Zimmer's renowned companies, Bleeding Fingers/Extreme Music.

The evolution from a solo composer/producer to the inception of Paint the Noise was a transformative step. Paint the Noise has emerged as an ecosystem for creators with emphasis on its collaborative production powerhouse that transcends genres and embraces a diverse collective of creators. Our team comprises music composers, producers, songwriters, and artists, each with their unique accolades and career highlights. Together, we unite under the banner of Paint the Noise, synergizing our talents to create the sonic masterpiece that every project deserves.

Our canvas is vast and versatile, and ever growing, spanning the realms of film, television, advertisements, promos, video games, and more. 

At Paint the Noise, we are driven by the spirit of innovation, constantly exploring uncharted territories of sound and vision.

Join us on this melodic journey, as we Paint the Noise and transform ideas into auditory and visual masterpieces that inspire and captivate.


Welcome to the symphony of creativity. Welcome to Paint the Noise.

Professional Sound Mixer


To immerse the world in the magic of music and visual storytelling, leaving an everlasting impression with each note we paint.

At the Studio


To envision a world where sound becomes a canvas, each note a stroke of creativity. Where we redefine boundaries by crafting sonic masterpieces that resonate, inspire, and transcend genres

At the Studio
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