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Sam Witt


Sam is a music producer and composer.  He has been creating and producing music for various media platforms since 2012 as well as performing on the keyboard with hundreds of bands as a sideman.  With a bachelor's degree in jazz piano performance, he has a strong foundation in music theory, harmony, and improvisation which translates well in playing for a diverse audience.

He's worked with several music libraries to compose and deliver high-quality music for their clients. Sam's sync music placements span globally in advertisements, video games, TV shows, and films. 

Sam's passion for music stems from his early involvement in the church, where he witnessed the power of music to connect and inspire people. He loves to explore the raw, the real, and the uncomfortable aspects of life through music, and to find interesting ways to communicate with audiences. He's always eager to learn new skills, collaborate with other artists, and challenge hiself to grow as a musician and a composer.

Credits include:

The Tokyo Olympics | Young Sheldon, NBC sitcom | How We Roll | I Survived Bear Grylls | Indian Matchmaking | NBC | Netflix

Sam Witt
Wiped OutSam Witt
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SpinalSam Witt
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White HorseSam Witt
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