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Zeke Hall

Composer/Producer/Sound Design

Zeke Hall, known as Fuzzeke on YouTube, is a Trailer Music Composer and

Ambient Music Producer. He is well known for creating multiple genres of Royalty Free/Copyright Free trailer music and video game music for well known/popular YouTubers and Twitch Streamers. His specialty lies in Epic ambient trailer music and video game music.

Zeke has been producing music for 6 years, starting with GarageBand and then upgrading to the music production software Logic Pro. He always enjoys seeing his music used in various videos across YouTube. Outside of his music work, Zeke enjoys watching the sci-fi movie Blade Runner 2049 and sci-fi movies in general. He is constantly seeking new ways to find inspiration through concept art, visual media, and drawing inspiration from other people's music.

Credits & Highlights Include:

Trailers: The Flash TV Spot -DC “One Week” (James Gun) // Half Life 2™ Remake (TeaserPlay) // Neeyat - Official Trailer (Vidya Balan )

Labels: SPM Music Group // JDM + Sound // Jolt Trailer Music // Colossal Trailer Music

Zeke Hall
Second RuleZeke Hall
00:00 / 02:57
Soul CrushedZeke Hall
00:00 / 03:12
Take Me ThereZeke Hall
00:00 / 02:58
AfterlifeZeke Hall
00:00 / 02:56
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